vCenter 6.7 UP2 – VCSA Failed to Start File System Check on /dev/db_vg/db

Hello guys! Fabio around here!

Today I was surprised by a message when I turned on my vCenter from site B. Welcome to emergency mode!

Resolved the problem let’s go for another KB of solution, may be useful for you.

Note: I advise you to back up or create a vCenter VM snapshot if it is production. If supported by VMware, use it!


Step 1 – Verifying the information on the maintenance screen.


Step 2 – Check your main error message. Type, Shift + page UP to see the message.


Step 3 – Provide the root password twice to access the shell.


Step 4 – Run the command (reference step 1) fsck / dev / db_vg / db and restart vCenter.



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