Upgrade vCenter (6.0) Part 1 – Upgrading to PSC 6.5 external for Windows

If you are following the blog and installed external PSC 6.0 for Windows on a site containing a vCenter, we will now upgrade this structure to the 6.5 environment starting with the external PSC.

Before you begin, please see the links below to check product compatibility with vCenter:

VMware Product Interoperability Matrices

VMware Compatibility Guide

Upgrade script for vCenter 6.5

Let’s follow the steps in the image below, first starting by updating the PSC.


Verifying Version and Build of PSC 6.0

On the Add / Remove Programs console in Windows.

PSC Version Painel

On Windows command prompt.

PSC Version reg

In the URL https: // fqdn-or-ip / psc

PSC Version web


Upgrading the PSC


Enter the password for administrator@vsphere.local


Please wait for validation.


Check the network ports.


Maintain the default installation.


Upgrade Summary. Check the I Verify … Machine box.


Accompanying the upgrade.



Checking the New Version and Build of PSC 6.5

On the Add / Remove Programs console in Windows.


No Windows command prompt.


On URL https://fqdn-ou-ip/psc


Ready! Next post we will upgrade vCenter 6.0 for Windows to vCenter 6.5.


For those who are still using the vCenter for Windows version for whatever reason, we have taken the steps required to migrate a framework containing external Platform Services Controller. The focus at the end of the series is we migrated to version 6.7 VCSA, I did not fail to follow the following posts.

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