Combining VMware Virtual Disks with Windows Disks – Graphic Method

Hello VMware vSphere administrator!

Today we will learn how to identify disks in the Windows operating system relating to the vmdk attached in the VM. When working with a multi-disk server, you may need to expand a particular partition on a disk that is the same size as another disk attached to the same VM.

There are some ways to identify disks. Today I will show using the graphical interface.


  • ESXi-> 6.5 UP2
  • vCenter VCSA-> 6.7 UP2
  • Power CLI-> 6.5 UP1
  • VM Windows Server 2012 or higher


STEP 1 – Checking the VMDK disks in the VM. Which one to choose? We’ll find out, keep reading 🙂


STEP 1.1 – Identify disks by command line using power CLI:

Get-VM WINDOWS_2012_R2_01 | Get-HardDisk | Select @{N='VM';E={$_.Parent.Name}},Name,@{N='SCSIid';E={$_.ExtensionData.UnitNumber}}

Command Output:

If you do not have the power CLI, just write down the name of the hard disk and its SCSIid.


STEP 2 – Checking the disks displayed on the Windows server. We have 4 records. Being one of 20, one of 6 and two of 5gb.


STEP 3 – Our goal is to expand the F: \ drive.

Looking at step 2, partition F is disk 2.


STEP 4 –  Run the msinfo32 command on the Windows server to identify the SCSI Target ID as well as the disk number.

Looking at the image below step 1.1, the VM disk to reach our goal is Hard Disk 4 – SCSI id 2.


STEP 5 –  Let’s expand the hard disk 4 disk into the VM for another 2GB totaling 7GB at the end of the operation.


STEP 6 –  After you expand the disk in the VM, check the F: \ disk in the Windows operating system. We already have how to increase, and it seems that we hit the disk 🙂


STEP 7 – Expand the F: \ Disk in VM. To learn how to expand a disk in Windows, see Extend a basic volume.

Again we should check the information in the msinfo32 report.


You should now see the disk F: \ as in the image below.


Until the next staff!


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